The 2015 National Little League Championship Is Looking For Volunteers and Billeting Families

A National tournament is created when multiple pieces come together and lean on each other. The 2015 National Little League Championship is no different, and is looking for the final pieces.

In order to make lifetime memories for hundreds of baseball players and thousands of fans, the tournament needs volunteers. There are numerous positions available, as the Championship will require roughly 250 volunteers.

Manish Kumar, the Volunteer Manager for the Championship, puts it perfectly on what volunteering for this event means to him, “I am volunteering because I enjoy the sense of fulfillment and I get the chance to be part of Little League’s Canadian Championship which doesn’t happen every day.”

Kumar enjoys lending his time so much, he is a repeat helper, “This will be my second time volunteering with East Nepean Little League, the first was last year when I was part of the Provincial Tournament which East Nepean won!”

Some of the positions include: baseball park set-up and teardown, organization of ceremonial activities, parking control, 50/50 sales, selling merchandise, help with the BBQ tent among many others. One of the most important needs are families to billet baseball players from across Canada.

Families who are willing to open their homes must take a minimum of two players for the duration of the tournament. Breakfast and dinner must be provided, as well as transportation and laundry. There will be incentives for the parents who are able to help these kids come to Ottawa and fight for National gold.

Any help that can be provided will go a long way into bringing the National Little League Championship to Ottawa for the first time.


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